Dear Colleagues,

My friend Ann Wimpfheimer has the following sets of books and 
periodicals which are available for sale and/or donation.  This is 
just a sampling. She has many more available.  If you are interested, 
please be in touch with her directly at annwimpfheimer@gmail.comto 
make arrangements.


Naomi Steinberger

The Encyclopedia of Religion, 18 volumes, Mircea Eliade, Editor in 
Chief, MacMillan Publishing Company, 1987

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, 8 volumes, Gerhard 
Kittel, Editor,1964 Translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley, Wm. B. 
Eerdmans Publishing Company

The Jewish Quarterly Review, Edited by Cyrus Adler, published 
quarterly by the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, 
from 1919 through various dates in the 1940's

Talpioth, A Quarterly Dedicated to Jewish Law and Ethics,editor: 
Samuel K. Mirsky, published by Yeshiva University, Issues:  April, 
1947, April, 1949, December, 1949, December, 1950, and October, 1957 
(all in Hebrew)

Talpiot, bound issues, under the auspices of Yeshiva University, 
published Tevet, Tof Shin Yud Bet and Nissan, Tof Shin Yud Gimel

Third World Congress of Jewish Studies, Report, World Union of Jewish 
Studies, Jerusalem, 1965, July 25-August 1, 1961, 1 volume


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