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Vitali Hakko, My Life. Vakko
Libra Books, Istanbul, 2011, 176 p. hardcover
ISBN: 97860564326440
US$ 60.00

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This book is the autobiography of Vitali Hakko (1913-2007), founder 
of Turkey's prestigious textile, fashion, and department store firm Vakko.
Hakko's remarkable story provides many fascinating insights into the 
history of Turkey in the twentieth century and especially the 
experience of that nation's Jewish minority.  It is above all the 
story of how an individual managed to overcome almost insurmountable 
obstacles through a combination of determination, intelligence, hard 
work, and a bit of luck.
Though he came from a poor family, was raised by a single mother, and 
received only a sixth-grade education, Vitali Hakko became one of 
Turkey's wealthiest and most respected industrialists, hobnobbing 
with Prime Ministers and Presidents.  Vakko, the brand he created, 
became synonymous with quality and stylishness.
Hakko was a patriot and an ardent supporter of Atatürk's campaign to 
modernize and westernize Turkey.  He was also an important 
philanthropist and social activist, leading the campaign to restore 
Beyo lu­ Istanbul's historic European quarter­to its former elegance, 
and to make it once again a center of the city's cultural life.

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