Jewish God
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Would she want images related to the Shekhinah? Does it have to have 
an actual person in it or can it be abstract but along the theme of 
women's issues like crafts, or nature? There is just a lot to think 
about philosophically when it comes to Jewish art and God and the 
related art movements which does not have images of God in it. There 
may be something by Marc Chagall that might work.

A lot of images about God in Judaism do not have people in them. 
Pictures of people are about family life or praying. Rothko and 
Barnett Newman created color field paintings, as part of the 
minimalist and modernist movement, based on the Kabbalistic 
principles of God in relation to eyn sof, God is everything and 
nothing and there can be no image of God.... A similar artists that 
was a woman was Lee Krasner (Jackson Pollack's wife) who was an 
abstract expressionist: . Some of 
her work was spiritual. There's a piece that's black and white with a 
lot of squares in it that is based on the thought of what the Hebrew 
language looks like.

For post-modern Jewish art I recommend the book The New Authentics: 
Artists of the Post-Jewish Generation by Staci Boris. It's been a 
long time since I looked at it and it may not have what she is 
looking for but it is thought provoking. There is also Complex 
Identities: Jewish Consciousness and Modern Art Edited by Matthew 
Baigell and Milly Heyd, Jewish Identity in Modern Art History Edited 
by Catherine M. Soussloff, and Fixing the World: Jewish American 
Painters in the Twentieth Century by Ori Soltes. These are my 
favorite books. There is also a book on Jewish Papercutting which I 
don't have yet. There may be images of people in some of the papercut 
works, too.

This really might not be what she is looking for but it may help with 
background research.

Rachel Fischer
(MLIS Student)


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