Posting for a friend. Please contact Judie Oron directly for 
information on the book. We are finalizing two book talks for her 
here in the DC area in April-One at LC and one at Magen David 
Sephardic Congregation.  Gail

Author Judie Oron speaks to groups and organizations about her novel, 
"Cry of the Giraffe." The book is written in the voice of Judie's 
Ethiopian Jewish daughter, who walked to Sudan, hoping to be 
airlifted to Israel.

Instead, she was separated from her family, forced to walk back to 
Ethiopia and tricked into slavery. Years later, Wuditu was rescued by 
the author and brought to Israel.

The novel was awarded, among others, a Sydney Taylor Notable Book 
Award and a Helen and Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Award 
( and is recommended for adults and for young 
adults aged 14+. It includes an English translation of Amharic words 
and an overview of Ethiopian Jewish background.

It can be ordered from bookstores and from and .

The author is based in Toronto, Canada, but has events planned in 
other North American cities. She can be reached by emailing: and writing 'lectures' in the subject line.


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