Dear hasafranim

I am creating signage for my small library to aid in browsing (i.e. 
025 Prophets, etc -- I use Elazar, by the way). The question is about 
consistancy with Hebrew/Jewish vs English/common American subject headings.

For instance, when using 001, which is complete bible, should I use 
the common term "Bible" or the Jewish "Tanach" or both and in what 
order? "Torah" is a very common term for our Conservative 
congregation, but if I'm being consistant and put "Bible" first, 
should I not also place "Pentateuch" before "Torah"? I mean, not 
everyone knows that "breishit" is used for Genesis. Also, in the 
Elazar classification book, the terminology is listed interchangably.

Here are some examples I'm wrestling with:

001 Bible (Tanach)
015 Torah (Pentateuch)
020 Genesis (Breishit)
025 Prophets (Nevi'im)
220.1 Kashrut (Kosher)
244  Passover (Pesach)

What have others done? What would be the least confusing for a 
midwestern synagogue library that has some non-Jewish patrons, some 
extremely knowledgable patrons, but mostly patrons with average 
Jewish knowledge?

Rachel Haus
Library Director
Congregation of Moses Library
Kalamazoo MI


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