There were several pieces about it in the Jewish Chronicle:


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Subject: Re: [ha-Safran] Battle of Cable Street October 4, 1936

There was a piece on BBC World Service last week commemorating the Battle of 
Cable Street.  It included interviews with participants.  The emphasis was on 
the Communists – many who were Jews – who organized the action and the Jewish 
participation was mentioned only peripherally.

Lee Jaffe

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On Oct 11, 2016, at 12:51 AM, Yoel Sheridan 
<<>> wrote:
Dear Safranim

May I suggest that you visit , a 
website where details of the Battle of Cable Street are chronicled.

The world at large, including the Jewish world at large, does not appear to be 
aware of this dramatic event that stopped the then ascendant British fascists 
in their tracks.
The British Union of Fascists under the full protection of the British police 
had announced their intention to march in their black-shirted, jack-booted 
uniforms, through London’s East End Jewish enclave. The London East End Jews 
said NO! and they, with the help of other local anti-fascists, won the bloody 
battle that ensued.

When Jews were being browbeaten in a Europe that was being overrun by Nazism 
and fascism, the East London Jews stoodh proud.

Yoel Sheridan

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