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On behalf of Academic Studies Press, it is my pleasure to announce the
publication of *Nostalgia for a Foreign Land: Studies in Russian-Language
Literature in Israel
Roman Katsman.

October 2016 | 9781618115287 | 310 pp. | Hardcover

*Summary:* This volume focuses on several Russian authors among many who
immigrated to Israel with the “big wave” of the 1990s or later, and whose
largest part of their works was written in Israel: Dina Rubina, Nekod
Singer, Elizaveta Mikhailichenko and Yury Nesis, and Mikhail Yudson. They
are popular and active authors on the Israeli scene, in the printed and
electronic media, and some of them are also editors of the renowned
journals and authors of literary and cultural reviews and essays. They
constitute a new generation of Jewish-Russian writers: diasporic Russians
and new Israelis.

*Roman Katsman *is a Professor of Hebrew Literature at Bar-Ilan University.
He is author of six books and numerous articles on Hebrew and Russian
literatures, and Jewish-Russian literature and thought. His recent
interests are concerned with laughter in S.Y. Agnon’s works and the
contemporary Russian intellectual literature.

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