Shalom to all our friends!

We are happy to present you with a catalog of special items.

These items constitute glowing milestones in the exceptional history of our

The auction will take place on Monday, August 28 2017, 17;30 (Israel time)
at our office, 2 Rabbi Mimon st. Jerusalem.

We shall mention a few items:

·         *Manuscript, Five leaves in Sephardic script - Commentary by One
of the Rishonim on the Book of Yesha'ayahu – a Segment of a Totally Unknown
Commentary – the 15thCentury.*

·         *A Large Anthology of Handwritten Sermons by Rabbi Sheraga Feish
Fishman Av Beit Din of Klausenburg and the Darshan of Pressburg - the
Polemic of German in the Synagogues of Hungary / Original Photograph of the

·         *A Unique Version of a Handwritten Prayer Book – According to the
Custom of Italy and the Ashkenazim, with Kabbalistic Kavanot by the Ari,
Some of Them Totally Unknown – North Italy, the 18th Century.*

·         *A Leaf of Novellae handwritten by the Chatam Sofer. Segulah for

·         *Incunabula Leaf – the Ralbag on the Torah – Mantova, 1476 – One
of the First Hebrew Books Ever Printed! – Handwriting-Like Fonts –
Extremely Rare!*

·         *Mishneh Torah Le'Ha'Rambam, Printed by Daniel Bombergi Prinitng,
Venice 1524 – Handwritten Signatures and Glosses – a Large, Very
Well-Preserved Volume.*

·         *She'agat Aryeh – the Copy of the Author Rabbi Aryeh Leib which
He had given to Rabbi Ya'akov Shemesh, the Rabbi of the Chatam Sofer.*

·         *A Very Long Halachic Responsum Signed by the Chazon Ish - **a
1000 [!!] Words – with Additional Glosses Handwritten by Him!*

·         *Halachic questions handwritten by the most prominent Rebbes
which were sent to Rabbi Efrayim Zalman Margaliyot!*

·         *Kiddush Cup, Marked Silver, of the Rebbe Rabbi Yehoshua Rokeach
of Belz – Der Mitteler Rebbe!*

·         *Halachic Responsum Handwritten by the Rebbe Rabbi Yoelish of
Satmar – from His First Years as a Rabbi! (Most Likely the First: 1911) –
Has Never been Seen in Auctions.*

·         *The Gartel of the Rebbe Rabbi Yoelish of Satmar, which He Wore
during the Prayers of the High Holidays and Hoshana Rabba!*

·         *And as usual – Art, Gold, Jewish History and others.*

We hope you enjoy browsing our beautiful catalog.

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Jerusalem of Gold

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