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Kobez Al Yad XXV
Edited by: Shulamit 

 Kobez al Yad, an annual of the Mekize Nirdamim Society, is a forum for the 
publication from manuscript sources of ancient texts in Jewish studies that are 
shorter than book-length.
The articles in this volume:
Vered Raziel Kretzmer and Uri Ehrlich - Additional Leaves from the 
“Tetragrammaton Siddur”
Eden HaCohen - Fragments of Yoṣer Compositions for the Day of Atonement by 
Shelomo Sulayman al-Sinjary
Yehoshua Granat - A Yoṣer Composition for Simḥat Torah, based on Psalm 119, by 
Yosef ibn Abitur
Avi Shmidman - Fragments of Weekday Qerovot Attributed to Yosef ibn Abitur
Ariel Zinder - New Seliḥot by Yosef ibn Abitur and Yiṣhaq ben Levi ibn Mar Shaul
Michael Rand - Hoshaʿna El meriaḥ ʿarugat ganni – A Qedushta for 18 
Benedictions for Hoshaʿna Rabba by Dosa he-Ḥazan be-Rabbi Yehoshuaʿ in 
Imitation of the Qillirian Qedushta: Hoshaʿna El emuna
Sarah Cohen - The Piyyutim of Yaʿakob al-Aʿyan
Tova Beeri - The Poems of Yeḥezkel ha-Kohen ben Eli
Mordechai Akiva Friedman - A Letter to Abraham the Pious in Praise of the 
Prayer Ritual in Fustat
Simcha Emanuel - Supplement to Arugat HaBosem, the Piyyut Commentary of Abraham 
ben Azriel
Benjamin Bar-Tikva - Tehillah: A Letter-Decorated Baqqasha by Yehosef ha-Ezovi
Shulamit Elizur - A Collection of Medieval Wisdom Proverbs from Ashkenaz

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