I was less concerned with subject headings as with placement. The kids are in 
out of the library so fast, they don't have time to look anything up. I just 
show them the area they're interested in (usually fiction), give them 
suggestions, and let them go. I just wanted to know whether others have treated 
some YA or early reader chapter books the same as picture books, i.e. placing a 
fictionalized bible story in with bible.
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On Monday, August 21, 2017, 10:09:27 AM EDT, Andrea Rapp <anrapp2...@yahoo.com> 

I am not advocating abandoning subject headings.  I still enter them.  But 
often the terminology they use is not what a non-librarian would use when 
entering keyword searches.  So I advocate bearing this in mind when writing 520 
content notes.    Andrea

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Hi Andrea--

I am a firm believer in controlled vocabulary. Studies have shown that a large 
percentage of the resources retrieved through keyword searches would be missed 
if subject headings which include controlled vocabulary are absent. For example 
see this article: 
 (you can see the abstract but full text requires subscription)

Best wishes,

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Subject: Re: [ha-Safran] Question about classifying YA historical fiction I'm 
not sure it's necessary to worry so much about subject headings anymore.  
People simply enter words in the search box.  So I load up my 520 notes with 
words and names I think people will search for.  What do others think?

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> Librarian

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