My father, Rabbi Yitzchak Witty, died in 2005 leaving a considerable number of 
judaica books, including sefarim, Jewish history Jewish education, history of 
Jewish education and journals, e.g. Bitzaron.  My mother, le-orech yamim 
ve-shanim, has recently begun distributing these, sefarim, books and journals 
among my siblings and myself.

I have no room for them in my home--as I have my own substantial collection.   
A most appropriate legacy to my father's lifelong dedication to Jewish 
education and his love of books of all sorts would be to donate these books to 
a university library where they might be used in higher education, research or 
prepare someone for a career in the rabbinate, education or Jewish Studies.

I ask that the recipient pay for shipping and that in the books (and where 
feasible periodicals) a bookplate be affixed indicating the source of the 
donation, including of course my father's name, Jewish and secular dates of 
passing and some very brief biographical description.

If you are interested, please contact me at nwitty at verizon [DOT] net and I 
will supply you with a list of the available sefarim, books and journals.

Noach WItty
Passaic, NJ

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