Dear colleagues,

If you haven't heard of the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative
(GLLI) yet, it's a network of translators, librarians, editors, teachers,
really anyone who is interested in learning about books -- especially
translations -- from countries outside of the US. Children's and YA books
are very well represented, and we include adult books too. We aim to give
librarians collection development and programming tools to help them
select, promote, and use these books.

One of our projects is a blog with a monthly focus on different
countries/languages. This month (September) will be about
Israeli/Hebrew/Yiddish/Ladino literature. Here is the first entry, Lehyla
Heward's review of

ngel Pulido's *Sephardic Jews and the Spanish Language*.

We can still use contributions if you would like to help us out with a post
this month. So far most of our posts are written by translators, and it
would be great to have more librarians represented. We do have one about
collecting Israeli graphic novels in translation coming up. I'll be
contributing a round-up of Jewish storytelling collections and picture
books that draw on Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino sources later in the month.
I think Danielle Winter has a post in mind too. If you would like to
contribute, please contact Rachel Hildebrandt,, for

Also, if you'd like to join the group, go to our Facebook page to add your name. (If you have
any trouble signing up, just email me off-list and I'll add you.) You'll
also find us on Twitter @GlobalLitinLibs and on the web,
where you can follow our blog We've been
partnering with ALA divisions and round  tables -- so far with ALSC, YALSA,
EMIERT, and the Office for Intellectual Freedom -- so you can usually find
us at more than one session if you attend the Midwinter or Annual

I find GLLI truly exciting, both to learn about translations and as
inspiration for my own research. I invite you join us if you have either a
personal or professional interest in translated literature for children,
teens, and/or adults. And at least for this month, consider following the
blog for the Judaica content.



Annette Goldsmith, PhD
Los Angeles, CA
Co-Editor (with Theo Heras & Susan Corapi), *Reading the World's Stories:
An annotated bibliography of international youth literature* (Rowman &
Littlefield, 2016)
Lecturer, University of Washington Information School
Librarian, Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel
Currently reading:  *A List of Cages* by Robin Roe (Hyperion, 2017)

  "A book is like a world you can carry around with you." Liniers,
*Written and Drawn by Henrietta*  (TOON Books, 2015)
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