Hi all,

The rabbi at my temple is looking for a quality anthology of short
summaries for the weekly parsha. Ideally, each parsha would have a simple,
three-page simple summary with a big picture. She is hoping to use it for a
read-aloud storytime during Shabbat morning children's services.

The major problem that we have been having is that all weekly parsha
readers that I have been able to find are using Yiddish-style "yeshivish"
spellings for many of the words. As a Conservative temple, the children and
parents would not be able to understand these spellings as it is not how
they pronounce the words. As a result, no matter how thoughtfully prepared
these parsha readers are they are useless for our purposes. What we need is
a parsha reader that says "Bereshit" or "Genesis" rather than "Beraishis"
and "The Children of Israel" rather than "Bnai Yisroel."

I have begun to despair ... I am not sure that such a book as we need even
exists! Please let me know if you can think of any parsha anthology that
even remotely fits these requirements.

Thank you in advance,


Joshua Jasper, M.A., M.S.L.I.S.
Rosen Library

Temple Emanu-El
99 Taft Ave
Providence, RI
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