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Roysi Ojalvo Kamayor, *Turkey's Jewish Heritage Revised: Architectural
Conservation and the Politics of Memory,* Libra Kitap, İstanbul, 2018, 139
p., ISBN: 9786052380383

This research traces the histories of the Ahrida and Mayor Synagogues in
Istanbul, and the Great Synagogue in Edirne against the background of
interrelated questions on architecture, identity, memory/ history, power,
and cultural difference. Established in the 15th, 17th and 19th centuries
respectively, all three buildings were left idle when their neighborhoods
were abandoned by Jews in the mid-20th century. Following the 1980s however
- and after several decades of decay - they were selected from among
Turkey's numerous crumbling synagogues to be the showcases of the country’s
Jewish past. Having numerous times been ‘sites of memory' within their
active lifetimes, they were again transformed into sites of memory by
restoration projects under the forces of national and international
politics, heritage industry, tourism, and others. This research considers
the buildings as long-standing sites of power, difference, and negotiation,
in which memories collided and histories were constructed. It discusses in
comparative fashion how the buildings were instrumentalized for the
representation of the past at different moments in Ottoman and Turkish
history and critically examines the discourses and practices that
surrounded their restoration projects in the post-1980s.

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Libra Kitap
Istanbul, Turkey
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