Original-Via: uk.ac.nsf; Fri, 4 Oct 91 12:40:45 BST

Those of you interested in using Gofer (my interpreter for a Haskell-like
functional programming language) will be pleased to know that it is now
available from a couple of sources:

By anonymous ftp:

   file:   ~ftp/pub/glasgow/gofer-2.20.1.tar.Z      (about 331K)
   from:   nebula.cs.yale.edu

By niftp within the UK:

   Within the UK, you may get the Gofer files by (UK) FTP from
   uk.ac.glasgow.dcs (binary; user: guest; password: your e-mail
   address); request:


   A _typical_ command you might use on at least some Unix machines is:

     cpf -b8 '<FP>[EMAIL PROTECTED]' gofer-2.20.1.tar.Z

I hope that you will enjoy using Gofer.  Please do not hesitate to contact
me if you have any problems with the system.  I would also be interested in
any other comments, positive or negative, that you would like to make.


N.B. The current distribution can be used to build Gofer for Sun 3 and Sun 4
machines and for PC-compatibles.  For those interested in the PC version you
will need access to a suitable C compiler (I've only ever tried it using
Turbo C 1.5, although I'd hope it would be reasonably easy to build using
other popular compilers).  As before, please contact me if this is going to
be a problem for you ...

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