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                Beta Release of Yale Haskell Y1.2

The Y1.2 Beta release of Yale Haskell is now available via ftp from
Yale.  This fixes many bugs in the previous release (1.1) and adds
some (but not all) of the new language features in the new 1.1 report.
The GNU Emacs interface to the system has been completely rewritten and
is now much more reliable.

This release is initially available only on Sparc systems (SunOS 4.1.0
or higher).  We will attempt to port the system to Decstations in the
future.  We do not plan to port this release to any other systems - we
wish to spend our time working on the next version of the system.

The distribution contains an executable, documentation, prelude
files, and a set of demo programs.  Sources to the system are not
being released at this time.

Known deficiencies of the system include:

1) A number of language features remain unimplemented.  These include:
    a) `let' expressions
    b) sections
    c) type signatures to avoid monomorphism
    d) multiply overloaded methods
   Other missing features in the implementation are documented in the manual.
2) A few known compiler bugs have not been fixed.  These are described
   in the manual.
3) Unfriendly error handling.
4) Minimal debugging facilities.
5) Problems due to the T System; in particular, slow compilation of
   large programs and slow GC.

We are currently working on a `all new' implementation of Haskell.  We
do not plan to make further changes or fixes in this version.
Although this version has been used for teaching, we don't recomend it
for classroom use.

Getting Yale Haskell for Sparcs Running SunOS 4.1

To get a copy of the Yale Haskell compiler, please send mail to
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  We will then send you the ftp
instructions needed to get the compiler and add you to the Yale
Haskell mailing list.  If you do not wish to be a member of this
mailing list please specify this in your request.

Note: if you have previously obtained our 1.1 release, the procedure
has not changed.  You are welcome to get this new version without
sending a message to haskell-request if you remember how to do it.

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