A from-working-sources no-guarantees snapshot of the Glasgow Haskell
compiler (GHC) for the i386-unknown-linux platform is now available
>from ftp://ftp.dcs.glasgow.ac.uk/pub/haskell/glasgow/ghc-0.28-<platform>.tar.gz.
(The files ghc-0.26-docs-and-examples.tar.gz and
ghc-0.26-ps-docs.tar.gz [PostScript] may also be of interest.)

This is still the "old" GHC for Haskell 1.2.  The 0.28 pseudo-release
is solely to provide a GHC system for Linux ELF machines.  We
_believe_ that profiling and Concurrent Haskell work, as well as
ordinary sequential execution.

As 0.28 is a snapshot and not a "proper" release, it may have serious,
show-stopping bugs in it.  Our commonly-reported-bugs Web page,
http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/fp/software/ghc/ghc-bugs.html, might be
one place to look...

GCC 2.7.x is required; GCC 2.6.x will *not* work.

A file ghc-0.28-src.tar.gz includes what should be buildable source;
haven't actually tried it...

A particular thanks to Peter Breuer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, who ELFified our
Linux machine for us.

Please report any bugs to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Will Partain
AQUA project (slave)

Dated: 96/05/21

=== INSTALLATION NOTES ==============================================

Ignore the installation instructions in any documentation.  This is
the stuff that applies for this distribution.

Unpack the distribution.

Move "ghc-0.28-<platform>" to wherever you like.

Make a link to ghc-0.28-<platform>/ghc/driver/ghc, so that "ghc" will
be in your PATH.

Change the hardwired paths in ghc/driver/ghc and in
ghc/utils/hscpp/hscpp to point to where things are on your system.
(Also: ghc/utils/mkdependHS/mkdependHS, if you want to use it.)
Notably: where "perl" is (first line of each script), where $TopPwd is
(ghc script), where your gcc cpp ($OrigCpp) is (hscpp and mkdependHS
scripts).  *Don't* set any environment variables to do this.

GHC should then work.  Try "ghc -v" on something simple, to make sure
it compiles and links a program correctly.

If you don't want the profiling libraries (e.g., to save disk space), do:

    cd ghc
    rm runtime/*_p.a lib/*_p.a
     (or gzip them, temporarily)

If you don't want to concurrent-Haskell libraries (e.g., same reason), do:

    cd ghc
    rm runtime/*_mc.a lib/*_mc.a
     (or gzip them, temporarily)

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