The Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 0.29

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Glasgow Haskell
Compiler (GHC, version 0.29) *for Haskell 1.2*. Sources and binaries
are freely available by anonymous FTP and on the World-Wide Web;
details below.

Haskell is "the" standard lazy functional programming language; the
current language version is 1.3, agreed in May, 1996.  This compiler
implements the previous version, 1.2, as well as the same "Haskell 1.3
draft I/O proposal" support that GHC 0.26 did (with the -fhaskell-1.3

GHC 0.29 incorporates our work on the Haskell 1.2 compiler since
version 0.26 (July 1995).  As such, 0.29 provides an up-to-date
workhorse that can be relied on, for those who are not (yet) bothered
about the new language features in Haskell 1.3.

If you want to hack on GHC, we strongly recommend you start with the
Haskell 1.3 compiler (GHC 2.01).

The GHC documentation is nearly unchanged for 0.29.  A few details
have been added about profiling and parallelism; also, there is a new
manual for the GranSim parallel-machine simulator.

As before, binaries are distributed in `bundles', e.g. a "profiling
bundle" or a "concurrency bundle" for your platform.  Just grab the
ones you need.

Once you have the distribution, please follow the pointers in
ghc/README to find all of the documentation about this release.  NB:
preserve modification times when un-tarring the files (no `m' option
for tar, please)!

We run mailing lists for GHC users and bug reports; to subscribe, send
mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]; the msg body should be:

    subscribe glasgow-haskell-<which> Your Name <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

To contact the administrator of a list, send email to
glasgow-haskell-<which>[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Please send bug reports to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Simon Peyton Jones

Dated: July '96

Relevant URLs on the World-Wide Web:

GHC home page   
Glasgow FP group page
comp.lang.functional FAQ

How to get GHC 0.29:

This release is available by anonymous FTP from the main Haskell
archive sites, in the directory pub/haskell/glasgow:  (     (    (

The Glasgow site is mirrored by (, in

These are the available files (.gz files are gzipped) -- some are `on
demand', ask if you don't see them:

ghc-0.29-src.tar.gz     The source distribution; about 3MB.

ghc-0.29.ANNOUNCE       This file.

ghc-0.29.{README,RELEASE-NOTES} From the distribution; for those who
                        want to peek before FTPing...

ghc-0.29-ps-docs.tar.gz Main GHC documents in PostScript format; in
                        case your TeX setup doesn't agree with our
                        DVI files...

ghc-0.29-<platform>.tar.gz Basic binary distribution for a particular
                        <platform>.  Unpack and go: you can compile
                        and run Haskell programs with nothing but one
                        of these files.  NB: does *not* include
                        profiling (see below).

        <platform> ==>  alpha-dec-osf2


        <platform> ==>  as above
        <bundle>   ==>  prof (profiling)
                        conc (concurrent Haskell)
                        par  (parallel)
                        gran (GranSim parallel simulator)
                        ticky (`ticky-ticky' counts -- for implementors)
                        prof-conc (profiling for "conc[urrent]")
                        prof-ticky (ticky for "conc[urrent]")

ghc-0.29-hc-files.tar.gz Basic set of intermediate C (.hc) files for the
                         compiler proper, the prelude, and `Hello,
                         world'.  Used for bootstrapping the system.
                         About 4MB.

ghc-0.29-<bundle>-hc-files.tar.gz Further sets of .hc files, for
                        building other "bundles", e.g., profiling.

ghc-0.29-hi-files-<blah>.tar.gz Sometimes it's more convenient to
                        use a different set of interface files than
                        the ones in *-src.tar.gz.  (The installation
                        guide will advise you of this.)

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