Announcing Hugs 1.3, a functional programming system based on Haskell 1.3.

Highlights of this latest release of Hugs include:

* Full support for new Haskell 1.3 features, including the labelled field
  syntax, do-notation, newtype, strictness annotations in datatypes, the
  Eval class, ISO character set, etc.

* Some significant user interface enhancements, particularly the HUGSPATH
  and import chasing features, both of which were motivated by a greater
  emphasis on the role of libraries in Haskell 1.3.

The full distribution for Hugs is available on the World Wide Web from: 


or by anonymous ftp from: 


The distribution includes source code, demo programs, library files,
user documentation, and precompiled binaries for common platforms.
In particular, versions of Hugs for Windows and Hugs for Win 32 are

Your feedback, comments, suggestions and bug reports are most welcome!
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Department of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, England NG7 2RD

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