The current draft of the Haskell 1.3 Libraries is now available for public
comment at{ps,dvi}

in either PostScript or DVI format (HTML will follow).

The document defines the required libraries for conforming Haskell 1.3

        Ratio           -- Rationals, as in Haskell 1.2
        Complex         -- Complex Numbers, ditto
        Ix              -- Indexing Operations, ditto
        Array           -- Array operations, ditto
        List            -- Old and new list operations
        Maybe           -- Operations on the Maybe type
        Char            -- Operations on characters, mainly character-kind
(isLower etc)
        Monad           -- Monadic utility functions
        IO              -- More advanced Input/Output
        Directory       -- Operations on directories
        System          -- Operating system interaction (system, getEnv,
exit etc.)
        Time            -- Date and Time
        Locale          -- Local conventions (date/time only at present)
        CPUTime         -- CPU Time usage
        Random          -- Random number generation on Integer
        Bit             -- Bit manipulation
        Natural         -- Fixed-precision natural numbers
        Signed          -- Fixed-precision signed numbers

Most of the comments that have been made on previous versions have been
acted upon.
If you have read previous versions of the library, you may notice the
omission of the Posix
library.  I intend to revise this and make it available as an optional library
in the near future.

Please send comments on these libraries either to me, or to the Haskell
Committee ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) by November 30th 1996
(I will take late comments into account as far as possible, but
may need to delay these for future reviews of the libraries).  Assuming
normal levels
of change, I aim to have this version of the libraries stabilised by the
end of the

Our long-term goal is to provide a repository for these libraries at
Glasgow, which
will allow new libraries to be contributed and existing ones to be worked
on remotely.
The repository should be mirrored at Yale, Chalmers, and perhaps elsewhere.
To help future-proof these libraries, we are considering adopting an SGML
standard, probably based on that used for ML '96.  I hope to release
details of this
at the same time as the libraries are stabilised.


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