Version 0.0 of NHC13, Nearly a Haskell 1.3 Compiler, by Niklas Rojemo,
is now available for download from

It has the following features

        - Compiles Haskell 1.3
        - Supports Fudgets
        - Supports several kind of heap profiles:
                combinations of the above

Although NHC13 0.0 is probably not yet to be regarded as a mature
Haskell 1.3 compiler, it may still be of interest since it provides
some new kinds of heap profiles not found in any other Haskell 1.3
compiler. Finding space leaks or other undesired space behaviour using
(combinations of) retainer and biographical profiles can be much
simpler than with the traditional producer/constructor profiles.

Heap profiling also works for Fudgets programs.

The commands to use are

        nhc13           the compiler
        nhc13make       a version of hbcmake for nhc13
        nhc13xmake      to compile Fudgets programs
        hp2graph        to convert heap profiling output to postscript

Manual pages with more details are included in the distributions.

Recent papers on heap profiling are

   Niklas Rojemo and Colin Runciman: "Lag, drag, void and use -
        heap profiling and space-efficient compilation revisited".
        In the proceedings of ICFP'96.

   Colin Runciman and Niklas Rojemo: "Two-pass heap profiling: a matter
        of life and death". In the proceedings of IFL'96.

These are available from

Niklas Rojemo
Thomas Hallgren

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