Green Card -- version 0.9

We are pleased to announce the first public release of Green Card, a
foreign function interface pre-processor for (Glasgow) Haskell. Sources
are freely available by FTP and on the World-Wide Web; details below.

Green Card is a Haskell pre-processor which addresses the problem of
how to conveniently access and make use of the vast collection of
libraries and APIs there are Out There. Up to now, the way this has been
supported by the Glasgow Haskell Compiler has been through the use of ccall
construct. While very useful, interfacing to external libraries with ccall
often requires the programmer to write lots of tedious code for packing
and unpacking arguments to and from the external functions. Green Card
relieves the programmer from this tedium, using source file annotations
to automatically generate the boilerplate pack/unpack code for you.

Green Card sources (plus documentation) is available from

On-line documentation:

To compile, you need to have a copy of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler installed,
see its home page for downloading details

Green Card is currently only able to output Haskell code compatible with
the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, version 2.02.

Based on earlier work by Alastair Reid, Green Card has been designed and
implemented by Thomas Nordin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and Simon Peyton Jones
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. Please send praise/suggestions for improvements
to them; bug reports to [EMAIL PROTECTED] :-)

Go forth and create cool apps!

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