The Haskell Report
                            Version  1.2
                            1 March 1992

The Haskell Committee, formed in September 1987 to design a "common"
non-strict purely functional language, has released an updated version
of the Haskell Report.

Version 1.2 of the report was prepared for publication in SIGPLAN
Notices in the May 1992 issue.  It corrects some typographical errors in
the 1.1 report, and clarifies the presentation in places, sometimes
by giving new examples.  A few small changes have also been made
to the syntax and standard prelude.

In addition to the new report, a Haskell tutorial by Paul Hudak and Joe
Fasel is also now available.  This will also be published in SIGPLAN
Notices as a companion to the report.


Both the new report and the tutorial are available via anonymous
internet ftp.  Three Haskell ftp sites have been established:     (  (  (

Each of these sites has an area devoted to Haskell-related material in
pub/haskell.  The file pub/haskell/FILES_ORG contains a complete list
of the available material.  The report can be found in:

        pub/haskell/report/report-1.2.dvi.Z  -- A compressed dvi file
        pub/haskell/report/   -- A compressed postscript file

The tutorial can be found in:

        pub/haskell/tutorial/   -- A compressed postscript file
                                                (No dvi version available)

An online supplement to the tutorial for users of Yale haskell is also
available -- look in pub/haskell/tutorial/README for more information.

These sites also contain current Haskell implementations, papers related
to Haskell, the Gofer system, and archives of the Haskell mailing list.


The report is also available from Yale as a technical report; however, we
recomend waiting for the SIGPLAN publication instead.  To get a
hardcopy version of the report, send $10 to:

        The Haskell Project
        Department of Computer Science
        Yale University
        Box 2158 Yale Station
        New Haven, CT 06520 USA


A mailing list for general discussions about Haskell is reachable in
one of two ways:


To be added to the above mailing list, send mail to either
whichever is the nearer site to you.  Please do not post
administrative requests direct to the mailing list.  To inquire about
implementation status, send mail to one of the addresses mentioned in
the preface of the report.

Reply via email to