Announcing the beta release of Yale Haskell 2.0

The newest version of the Yale Haskell compiler is now available.
This is the `beta' version of our system.  A few minor Haskell
features are not yet implemented and a number of performance issues
have not yet been addressed.  However, we hope that this is a very
solid and user-friendly system.

We are releasing two versions of the system: an executable compiled
with the CMU Common Lisp system which runs on Sparc systems and a full
source release which will build on both Lucid common lisp and the CMU
system.  The build process consumes a large amount of virtual memory -
you may have some difficulty using the source release.  If you cannot
use either of these versions, please wait for the next release.
It is possible to port the system to other Lisps but this should only be
attempted by experienced lisp hackers.  We will try to release an akcl
version in another few weeks.

We expect to have the `real' release of Yale Haskell ready in another
month or two.  This will correct any bugs in the beta release, fill in
all missing Haskell features, be much more portable, have improved
documentation, and much better performance.

Our system is available for anonymous ftp at all three Haskell ftp sites:

        Site     Host name              Raw IP address


The files are in the directory pub/haskell/yale.
(They may be in pub/haskell/library/incoming instead)

Two files are available:
haskell-beta-1-source.tar.Z   -- full sources
haskell-beta-1-sparc.tar.Z    -- sparc executable

You should only need one of these files.  The sources take a hour or two
to build on lucid and about twice than on cmu.  The executable is ready to
run immediately.

To obtain Yale Haskell via ftp:

  - Move to the directory where you intend to place Yale Haskell
  - Ftp to one of the sites and login anonymously
  - Get the tar file: get xxx.tar.Z   where xxx is the distribution you want
  - cd to pub/haskell/yale
  - Uncompress and untar the file on your machine:
           uncompress haskell-*.tar.Z
           tar xf haskell-*.tar
  - Consult the documentation for further instructions.  Either print
    out the reference manual in doc/manual/haskell.dvi or look at
    install.verb in the same directory.

Send any comments or questions to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Reply via email to