Haskell mode for Emacs with extensive font locking, version 0.100

The ubiquitous editor Emacs allows modes specific to a particular
language or task.  We present a mode for editing Haskell scripts that
provides extensive "font locking".

Font locking allows the appearance of text to change according to its
role or function.  For example, keywords such as "where" and "let" can
be highlighted in a colour different to the ordinary code surrounding
it.  Comments, or code that is commented out, can also be coloured to
reveal that the text should not be treated as code.  This allows more
information to be passed to the user about the visible text and I feel
aids the programmer significantly.

Apart from the font locking, the mode provides some simple functions
such as indentation (to the first non-whitespace character of the
previous line).  We hope to extend this functionality in future

To see a demonstration of the mode in action, see:


and you can download the mode from:


Any problems, please mail me.



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