The Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 2.09

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Glasgow Haskell
Compiler (GHC), version 2.09. Source distribution is freely available
via the World-Wide Web and through anon. FTP; details below.

Haskell is "the" standard lazy functional programming language; the
current language version is 1.4, agreed in April, 1997.  Haskell
related information is available from the Haskell home page at

+ What's new

Release 2.09 contains some library changes that may break programs
using glasgow extensions.  The main points:

        * PrimIO has been removed, replaced by IO in all places
          (including the type of C calls).
        * The types of IO and ST have changed, to make them more
          efficient.  This won't bite you unless you go digging
          around in the IO or ST monads, which you shouldn't...
        * Several extension libraries have been moved to be
          compatible with Hugs.  See 

          for the definitions of the new libraries.
        * Several of the interfaces exported by GlaExts are deprecated,
          as they have been moved into common libraries (ST for instance).
          GlaExts will eventually contain only extensions that are
          exclusive to GHC.

We've also fixed several bugs, one space leak, and added better
handling of warnings (-W, -Wall and -Wnot flags).  As usual, see the
release notes in the Users' Guide for the full story.

We have a new set of Web pages at, 
there will probably be a few glitches for a while so bear with us.

Binaries: I've made binaries for i386-unknown-{linux,solaris2,freebsd}
and sparc-sun-solaris2.  More binaries may appear later - watch the
web page.

+ Mailing lists

We run mailing lists for GHC users and bug reports; to subscribe, send
mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]; the msg body should be:

    subscribe glasgow-haskell-<which> Your Name <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Please send bug reports about GHC to [EMAIL PROTECTED] ; GHC
users hang out on [EMAIL PROTECTED]

+ On-line GHC-related resources

Relevant URLs on the World-Wide Web:

GHC home page   
Haskell home page
Glasgow FP group page
comp.lang.functional FAQ

+ How to get it

The easy way is to go to the WWW GHC download page, which has pointers
to all the released binary and source distributions:

Alternatively, you can do it the low-level way by ftp, from in the directory pub/haskell/glasgow/.

Once you have the distribution, please follow the pointers in the
README file to find all of the documentation about this release.  NB:
preserve modification times when un-tarring the files (no `m' option
for tar, please)!

+ System requirements

To compile up this source-only release, you need a machine with 16+MB
memory, GNU C (`gcc'), `perl' plus a version of GHC installed (either
version 0.29 or 2.02 onwards). We have seen GHC work on these platforms:

  * alpha-dec-osf2
  * hppa1.1-hp-hpux{9,10}
  * sparc-sun-{sunos4,solaris2}
  * mips-sgi-irix{5,6}
  * i386-unknown-{linux,solaris2,freebsd,cygwin32}.
  * {rs6000,powerpc}-ibm-aix

Similar platforms should work with minimal hacking effort.  The installer's
guide included in distribution gives a complete run-down of what-ports-work;
an on-line version can be found at


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