Happy 1.5
             The LALR(1) Parser Generator for Haskell

This is the nth public release of the parser generator system for
Haskell, called Happy (a dyslexic acronym for 'A Yacc-like Haskell
Parser generator').

What's new in Happy 1.5 (vs. Happy 0.9)

        * Monadic Lexical analysis
        * Simple Error recovery
        * Compiles with Haskell 1.3+ compilers
        * so many bugfixes and small additions that I can't remember
          them all.

Happy is available in source form, which can be compiled with GHC
version 0.29 or 2.xx, and we also provide binaries for various
architectures.  All available from:


There is a Happy parser for Haskell currenly under construction - for
a snapshot of the code see


To keep updated about the current status of Happy, you can read its
World Wide Web page:


Please send any bug reports and comments to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Merry Christmas!

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