Announcing two new versions of Hugs 1.3, a functional programming system based
on Haskell 1.3.

  *** NOTE: For most purposes, we recommend the use of Hugs 1.4, which
  ***       is the joint Nottingham and Yale release of Hugs, because
  ***       it offers more stability and closer compatability with Haskell,
  ***       including support for modules.  We plan to incorporate the new
  ***       features mentioned here into the future releases of Hugs 1.4
  ***       at the earliest possible opportunity.

The two new versions of Hugs 1.3 are likely to be of most interest to the
following groups of people:

  Hugs 1.3b - Anyone committed to using the old Hugs 1.3 system, perhaps
              for compatability with lecture notes or a textbook, or
              because they need to run it on older machines (unlike the
              Hugs 1.4 system, Hugs 1.3 still supports 16 bit versions
              of Windows).

              Hugs 1.3b is a modest, bugfix update to the original release
              of Hugs 1.3 in August 1996.  Most (but not quite all) of the
              bugfixes in this release are already included in Hugs 1.4.

  Hugs 1.3c - Anyone curious to explore and experiment with the latest
              developments in the Hugs type system.  Based on a significant
              overhaul of the type checker in previous releases, this
              version of Hugs provides support for multiple parameter
              type classes, polymorphic recursion, rank 2 polymorphism,
              explicitly scoped type variables, existentials, extensible
              records, etc.  Please see the file WhatsNew for further

Both versions are available on the World Wide Web from: 


or by anonymous ftp from: 


The distribution includes source code, demo programs, library files,
user documentation, and precompiled binaries for common platforms.
In particular, versions of Hugs for Windows and Hugs for Win 32 are

Your feedback, comments, suggestions and bug reports are most welcome!
Please note however that *ALL* bug reports must be sent to:


otherwise I may not see them.  Similarly, any other queries about Hugs
should be sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Mark P. Jones                                                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Department of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, England NG7 2RD

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