We would like to invite everyone to check out the "all new"
haskell.org.  I've added a section on using Haskell in classes (thanks
again to all who responded!) and Olaf Chitil has integrated
haskell.org with his Haskell site to produce a much nicer web site.
Olaf did all the hard work on this - I guess he finally got tired of
all the "under construction" stuff I had there.  Many thanks for his
hard work. 

We have been acquiring more and more links to various Haskell-related
projects and I've hosted a number of software packages directly on
haskell.org.  I plan to keep doing this - all contributions will be
added to the web pages and we can continue to host software when
needed.  I'm planning to automate some of the submissions to
haskell.org but for now please send me mail if you want anything added
to haskell.org.


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