Haskell Mode for Emacs, Version 1.2

The ubiquitous editor Emacs allows modes specific to a particular
language or task.  We present a mode for editing Haskell scripts that
provides the following features:

* Font Locking: Colours keywords, comments, strings, etc.  This allows
                more information to be passed to the user about the
                visible text and aids the programmer significantly.

* Declaration Scanning: Scans declarations and places them in a menu.
                        This makes it quick and easy to find function
                        declarations, type declarations, etc.

* Documentation: Echoes types of functions or syntax of keywords when
                 the cursor is idle.  This saves a lot of time when
                 you cannot remember the type of a function, or the
                 syntax of a declaration.

* Indentation: Provides semi-automatic intelligent indentation.  The
               first successful attempt at automatic indentation of
               Haskell, and will soon appear as an article in JFP!

* Simple Indentation: Provides simple indentation.  This is a
                      lightweight alternative to the more intelligent
                      indentation above.

* Hugs Interaction: Allows interaction with the Hugs interpreter.  A
                    simplified version of the Hugs interaction mode of
                    Chris Van Humbeeck.

We hope to extend this functionality in future versions.
Contributions are welcome!

Current contributors: Graeme Moss, Tommy Thorn, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl,
and Guy Lapalme.

See the following home page:


for a demonstration of the mode in action and instructions for
downloading and installation.

Any problems, please email using the address on the web page.



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