This is a summary of all the outstanding issues I'm aware of for Verison 1.2.
If there are others I've omitted, let me know.

Glasgow have the token for all files except the Prelude source files
themselves, which Joe has the token for.

There are actions on 

        Paul (check proposed syntax choices)
        Phil (literate)
        Joe (a lot)
        Kevin + Simon at Glagow (everything else)


* Left-hand side syntax.  PROPOSED DECISION: go with Kevin's suggestion.
It is simple, does not require modification if we abandon n+k patterns, and
nobody has objected to it.  Kevin has implemented it, and John Peterson
(our other implementor) agrees.  All agree that the present state is awful.
PAUL, JOE: do you concur? (Proposed syntax appears at the end of this
message, for the avoidance of doubt!)

* Backquotes.  DECIDED: leave as in 1.2beta.

* Literate style.  DECIDED: PHIL to write an appendix. Preferably to include
file-naming conventions too. 

* Syntax of expressions.  Is (case fs of {[f] -> f} x) allowed?  PROPOSED
DECISION (based on my reading of Joe and Paul): no.  Meta-rule is that
expressions extend as far to the right as possible.  I'M NOT SURE WHAT
I *think* all we need is:
          fexp  ->  exp^{10} aexp       
                |   aexp
Does anything else need to be added to make precedence of case/lambda more

* Associativity of (%), (/)
  Associativity of ::
        JOE TO DECIDE, and tell us

* Add precedence of @ to the table on page 52.  Sounds right to me.  ACTION

* Should gd -> exp^0 be changed back to gd -> exp?  PROVISIONAL DECISON: no.
We made this choice at Mark Jones' suggestion, to allow us to write
e::T Int rather than e::(T Int).  (I can't remember why this guard stuff
is a consequence...  No action reqd.

* Prelude instances for Text. PROPOSED DECISION: move them to PreludeCore.
This has the merit that waffle about tuple instances only occurs in Core.

* Various minor bugs in the code.  ACTION JOE: you know what they are
because Will has sent them to you.

* Ix class.  PROPOSED DECISION: Go with the more restrictive version rather
than permissive version of the constraints in my earlier message (Joe and
Phil both support this).  Any objectors?

* Add Enum to superclasses of Real, and Ix to superclasses of Integral
(Rittri's suggestion).   ACTION JOE to decide.

* Kent's suggestion to change div and rem. JOE TO DECIDE

Report presentation
* Angle brackets vs curlies for exclusion.  DECIDED: we do it.  Glasgow
will action.

        lhs ::=   pat{i+1} varop(n,i) pat{i+1}
                | lpat{i}  varop(l,i) pat{i+1}
                | pat{i+1} varop(r,i) pat{i}
                | pat
                | var apat+

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