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> It's good to have some mailing list for Haskell and art now, so I can
> forward all people interested in Haskore to this mailing list. :-)
> On Tue, 27 Feb 2007, Creighton Hogg wrote:
> > So as far as art goes, the only thing I really do is photography.  On
> the
> > other hand, I have a very strong interest in music theory and
> evolutionary
> > art, especially its connection to mathematics.  I can't find the paper
> right
> > now, but I think it was someone on planet haskell who linked to a
> paper
> > using topos theory to design music.  The paper was entirely over my
> head,
> > but it's the sort of thing I love learning.
> On 2004-12-08 I listened to a talk of Thomas Noll
> using a Mac and Lisp and Topos theory and whatever for automatically
> answering musical questions, like "what is the meter of a given sequence
> of tones".
> http://flp.cs.tu-berlin.de/~noll/
Thanks for the link!

Ah, from here I found one of the authors I was looking for:  Guerino
If you look him up on google scholar, his entire book on topoi and music
has been scanned as a part of the google books project.  I've wanted to give
my wife a reason to learn a bit of algebra and category theory, and this
book may be the proper motivation.

Oops, my mistake:  chunks of the book are available this way.  Random
segments of 20-30 pages in length are missing all throughout the text.  A
clever way to make someone want to buy the book!
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