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On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 01:15:09PM +0100, Nicolas.Oury wrote:

> From this, I think the safety become intuitive.


Using the OI module from Richard Kieburtz' paper, I can write

        -- Bootstrap into the OI comonad
        main :: IO ()
        main = return $! comain stdOI

        -- The following are the OI functions which we use.
        -- stdGetChar :: OI () -> Char
        -- stdPutStrLn :: OI String -> ()

        comain :: OI a -> ()
        comain w
            = coeval (w .>> show (a,b) =>> stdPutStrLn)
                a = coeval (w .>> () =>> stdGetChar)
                b = coeval (w .>> () =>> stdGetChar)

Even though a and b are identical, they return different values.  I see
two possibilities: Either my intuition is way off, or the OI comonad
breaks referential transparency.

It's possible that it's a fault in the implementation.  It was clearly
intended as an example only, after all.

Andrew Bromage
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