I am quite interested in having better Binary support in Haskell --
especially support for reading and writing binary files and protocols
that have fields smaller than 8-bits and non-byte alignment.

As a first step, I have republished Hal Daume III's NewBinary package
in hopes that it will inspire some forward movement on it. I have made
the following 'improvements':

 ~ ghc6ized

cd /tmp/NewBinary/
diff  /tmp/Binary.hs /tmp/NewBinary/NewBinary/Binary.hs
< import GHC.Handle             ( openFileEx, IOModeEx(..) )
> import GHC.Handle             
> import IOExts ( openFileEx, IOModeEx(..) )

(hrm, I probably don't need to import GHC.Handle anymore either...)

 ~ cabalized

To build, you need the Cabal libraries installed. Then do something
like this:

ghc -package Setup.lhs -o setup
./setup configure
./setup build
./setup install
./setup register (? maybe not needed ?)

 ~ debianized

You should be able to build and install it like any other debian

dpkg-buildpackage && debi 

 ~ darcsized

darcs get http://www.n-heptane.com/nhlab/repos/NewBinary

I hope I am not stepping on anyone's toes or duplicating efforts.

Jeremy Shaw.

ps. The original is available at:


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