I'm interested in participating in the GSoC by improving GHC with one of
these two features:

1) Implement native support for compiling modules in parallel (see
This will involve making the compilation pipeline thread-safe, implementing
the logic for building modules in parallel (with an emphasis on keeping
compiler output deterministic), and lots of testing and benchmarking. Being
able to seamlessly build modules in parallel will shorten the time it takes
to recompile a project and will therefore improve the life of every GHC

2) Improve existing constant folding, strength reduction and peephole
optimizations on arithmetic and logical expressions, and optionally
implement a core-to-core pass for optimizing nested comparisons (relevant
tickets include #2132 <http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/2132>,
GHC currently performs some of these simplifications (via its BuiltinRule
framework), but there is a lot of room for improvement. For instance, the
core for this snippet is essentially identical to the Haskell source:

foo :: Int -> Int -> Int -> Int
foo a b c = 10*((b+7+a+12+b+9)+4) + 5*(a+7+b+12+a+9) + 7 + b + c

Yet the RHS is actually equivalent to

20*a + 26*b + c + 467


bar :: Int -> Int -> Int
bar a b = a + b - a - b -- the RHS is should be optimized away to 0

Other optimizations include: multiplication and division by powers of two
should be converted to shifts; multiple plusAddr calls with constant
operands should be coalesced into a single plusAddr call; floating point
functions should be constant folded, etc..

GHC should be able to perform all these algebraic simplifications. Of
course, emphasis should be placed on the correctness of such
transformations. A flag for performing unsafe optimizations like assuming
floating point arithmetic is associative and distributive should be added.
This proposal will benefit anybody writing or using numerically intensive

I'm wondering what the community thinks of these projects. Which project is
a better fit for GSoC, or are both a good fit? Is a mentor willing to
supervise one of these projects?

Thanks for your time.

(A little about myself: I'm a Mathematics student in the US, and I've been
programming in Haskell for about 3.5 years. Having a keen interest in
Haskell and compilers, I began studying the GHC source about 1 year ago and
I've since gotten a good understanding of its internals, contributing a few
patches along the way.)
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