I'm pleased to announce the initial release of Robot!

Robot lets you send fake keyboard and mouse events, just like its
namesake in Java.

Only X11 systems are supported right now (via XTest), but Windows and
Mac can be added later if anyone cares.

## Features

+ Simple API (only 9 functions and 3 types)

+ Few dependencies

+ Exception safe -- unlike with other libraries, all keys and buttons
are released automatically when the robot terminates. `bracket` and
`finally` are used where appropriate.

## Links

Hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/robot-1.0

Examples: https://github.com/lfairy/robot/tree/master/examples

Happy hacking!

Chris Wong, fixpoint conjurer
  e: lambda.fa...@gmail.com
  w: http://lfairy.github.io/

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