Since the release of `pipes-network`, I've been encouraged to move the
non-pipes-related TCP utilities to their own package, so I've done
that, and `network-simple` is the result.

This package builds on top of the great `network` package available in
The Haskell Platform, and aims to simplify the usage of some common
networking patterns, such as binding a TCP socket to a port and
immediately start listening and accepting incoming connections to it,
handling each connection in a different thread. Managing the lifetime
of the obtained socket resources is also automated.

Currently, only utilities for dealing with TCP connections are
available, but I look forward to add support for UDP and Unix Domain
Sockets, as well as TLS.

Hackage hasn't rendered the documentation yet, so I uploaded the
documentation here:

The code can be found at:

I've only tried this package on the current Haskell Platform
2012.4.0.0 on Linux, let me know if something does not work in a
different environment.

By the way, `pipes-network-` now depends on this package.


Renzo Carbonara.

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