hi all

it seems i have met some bug on a  MAC 32bit GHC version 7.4.2 

to make long stroy short,  my code is about parse a json file using aeson
here is my code

and here is test data

and test steps
save the code , and name it a.hs (or what you want)
save the test data ,name it a.json (do not change its name)
$ ghc a.hs -o a
$ ./a

what i get from the output is "fail"
and when i run the command below for a few times
$ runghc a.hs
i even got some ok and some fail mixed together 

but i copy the code and compile it on my linux, everything goes fine, the 
output is "OK"
i have run "uninstall-hs" and install a 64bit ghc, also goes fine

i delete one line randomly chosen from my test data , got an ok
roll back ,delete another line, also an ok...

I just want to make sure is this my bug or a bug of ghc

p.s. the reason using 32bit ghc is yesod, which has met another bug on 64bit 
mac ghc :(


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