> Also, the Haskell Platform ./configure step checks which version of GHC
> you have installed, and requires you to pass the option --enable-*
> unsupported*-*ghc*-version in order to compile it with anything other
> than GHC 7.4.2.
> Did you try an unsupported version?  And now you're complaining?

This is getting into minutia now, but yes I tried the unsupported flag and
as I already explained it barfed about the prelude. So I installed 7.4.2
from source but that confused cabal because my attempt to uninstall the
ubuntu package with 7.4.1 in had failed with dependency-hell. Figuring out
why (or even that) my packages weren't being seen was the puzzle I was
referring to. The point is that we wouldn't have to be talking about this
at all if people didn't move the furniture around all the time.

> Likewise, the strong type system and the often helpful type error
> make it really easy to update code to work with more modern libs!

I'm also a big fan of the error messages, but it's nice to know if I caused
them or somebody else did.
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