As discussed a couple months ago, I have assumed maintainership of Lambdabot 
and a a new release has been brewing for a while.  It has now been Hackaged as 

There are quite a few changes in this release, mainly internal.  Plugins 
written for older versions will require some fairly straightforward rewriting - 
the plugin interface is now based on a record rather than a type class, and 
makes use of some simple monad transformers to stabilize the API a bit in the 
face of future changes.  There are many things I'd like to do to continue 
modernizing it, the most significant of which being that I'd like to overhaul 
the state storage system and break it down into smaller packages.

Therefore, plugin-writers should consider this a bit of a stepping-stone 
release - in the not too distant future, another release will probably break 
the plugin API again.  If you have open-source plugins, please let me know and 
I'll feed you patches to keep up with any changes coming down the pipeline.

The most significant changes from the user's perspective are probably the 
expanded command line interface (try --help) and the changes to the eval 
plugin.  Eval now uses Safe Haskell, and accepts a much wider array of 
user-supplied code - the "@let" command now accepts module imports, type 
declarations, class declarations, and instances, and will add clauses to 
existing function definitions when applicable.

I apologize in advance that the documentation is still mostly in a state of 
non-existence.  If anyone runs into issues, please report them to me.  I can be 
reached through the following channels:

- github "issues"[1]
- e-mail, at this address
- #haskell (I'm "mokus" there) - I'm not often present, but pretty much always 
connected and will see and eventually respond to PRIVMSGs.

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