This sounds like something you might use Grammatical Framework for,

- jeremy

On Sun, May 19, 2013 at 3:27 PM, Matthew O'Connor
<> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recognize this isn't directly a Haskell-related question, but as I'd like
> to solve this problem in Haskell & figured it's applicable. Let me know if
> there's a better place to ask.
> I am interested in creating a DSL (or set of types) for describing rules for
> a computer game. I'd like the language to be able to be written out to
> readable and clear English. I'd also like to be able to recreate the
> representation by reading the English back in. The idea is that the DSL will
> be unambiguous in either English or its internal representation. My thinking
> is that this will avoid inconsistencies between the game rules and the text
> describing those rules to the players.
> I want the ruleset to be able to describe type of heroes and monsters, their
> abilities, the effects of their attacks, how they use resources, etc.
> I realize this may not be an efficient way to go about writing a game, but
> it seems like an interesting project. Some of my concerns are at what level
> the DSL should be written to allow for extensions for new heroes, monsters,
> etc. without having to just add very specific extensions every time a new
> hero or item is created.
> Does anyone have thoughts on how to proceed on this, previous work, and/or
> ways to investigate it?
> Thanks,
> Matthew
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