> Yes, it would break code.  Probably a lot of code.

So of course I volunteer to fix my code, but that's not much help,
since it's a small minority of the code on hackage.  So that made me
think, maybe we should organize a kind of hackage community service
brigade, which, when the time is right, would spring into action.
They would download sections of hackage, update the code, and send
patches to the maintainers.  Then they'd keep track of which packages
actually applied the patch, and that could go on an "update status"

I'd sign up for that.

Of course, package maintainers might prefer to do the change
themselves, or more likely may be incommunicado.  But the presence of
a small army of organized volunteers waiting to update code might
reduce friction to make necessary changes, and would take the weight
off the shoulders of the few who wind up doing it anyway when a new
ghc comes out.

If people think this is a good idea, I volunteer to do the setup.  I
guess this means a short doc describing the process, and then a place
where volunteers can sign up, and then keep the volunteer list up to

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