Brandon, thank you for your explanation.
I got it working with: ghc --make testGlasPng.hs -LD:\glas\dlls -lglasPng. It 
needs both the -L and the -l argument. The dll is in the PATH. I don't 
understand why it needs the -L argument. I'll figure this out later. If I use 
-lglasPng.dll (additional .dll) it doesn't work either.
Now everything works fine. I can pass strings from haskell to the dll and vice 


On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 9:40 AM, Kees Bleijenberg <> 
If I compile with ghc --make testGlasPng.hs –lglasPng I get: ….\ld.exe: cannot 
find –lglasPng. Collect 2: ld returned 1 exit status.
Ld can’t find lglasPng (with the l in front, does it trim the l?). Why? Okay I 

It's reproducing the thing passed to it, rather than outputting both the dll 
and implib versions that it actually looks for. Same happens on unixlikes where 
it's looking for a .so/.dylib/whatever or a .a.

ghc --make testGlasPng.hs –L<path to glasPng.dll> I get:

Not quite right; -L identifies a *directory* to search, then you must specify 
the actual filename afterward.
testGlasPng.o: fake: (.text + 0x82) :undefined reference to ‘getPngVersion@0’. 
I think it has found  the 

This just means it can't find the symbol; it does not mean it necessarily found 
the DLL.
I run ghc on a 64 bits computer. The dll is 32 bits. Is that the problem?

That can certainly be a problem, yes, and is likely why it wasn't found with 
the first one. But it's not so much what kind of machine you are on, as what 
kind of ghc you are using: a 64-bit ghc cannot link 32-bit libraries, and vice 
versa. But a 32-bit ghc and toolchain will work fine on a 64-bit system, aside 
from not linking 64-bit DLLs. 

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