On 10.07.13 11:42 AM, Ertugrul Söylemez wrote:
I think we are all aware that shadowing is
a bad idea, no matter whether you do it through Identity or
non-recursive let.


[This is Richard Bird's WHAT?? when someone said that using folds is like programming in assembly language.]

    How can you think this if we say we WANT shadowing?!

Also if you are serious about this, you would have to make non-recursive
let the default to get OCaml-style behavior, which would be an extremely
invasive change.  We would have to fix pretty much all packages, all
tutorials, all books, all wiki pages, etc.  Otherwise just like you may
forget to renumber your variables, you may just as well forget to add
the "norec" keyword or whatever the syntax would be.

Wow, this is getting really dramatic now. Don't be afraid, now one will force you to shadow any of your identifiers...

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