Mark Lentczner wrote:
I'm a little lost in the bewildering array of music packages for Haskell,
and need some help.

I'm looking to recreate one of my algorithmic music compositions from the
1980s. I can easily code the logic in Haskell.

I'm looking for a the right set of packages and SW so that I can:
a) generate short sequences and play them immediately, preferrably in ghci,
-- but 'runHaskell Foo.hs | barPlayer' would be acceptable
2) generate MIDI files

I'm on OS X.

So far what I've found is: Haskore, the midi package, and the jack package
- and then I'd need some MIDI software synth for the Mac, and Jack based
patcher.... Or perhaps I want SuperCollider, and the Haskell bindings - but
that seems rather low level for my needs here (I don't really need to patch
together my instruments, and I don't want to have re-write the whole timing
framework from scratch.)

So - What's a quick easy path here?

I'm also on MacOS X and had the same problem.

For immediate sound output, I liked Rohan Drape's [SuperCollider bindings][hsc3], though I started to write my [own library][tomato-rubato] that abstracts away from the internals and presents a simpler interface. Maybe you can find something interesting here. It's currently dormant because the feedback loop in GHCi is still too long for my taste, though.

I found Henning Thielemann's [midi][] package very useful for reading MIDI files, I guess it's equally useful for writing MIDI files.


Best regards,
Heinrich Apfelmus


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