Christopher Done wrote:
On 4 October 2013 10:56, Heinrich Apfelmus <> wrote:
In particular, the  Locker  stores arbitrary values like  Dynamic , except
that values are extracted and removed with the help of a  Key . This gets
rid of the  Typeable  constraint.

lock :: Key a -> a -> Locker

I can't pass anything with class constraints to that.

I don't know what "something with a class constraint" means. But I guess you want to pass a value with a *polymorphic* type? This is no problem, but requires impredicative polymorphism:

    a = (forall b. Show b => b -> IO ())

    lock :: Key (forall b. Show b => b -> IO ())
         -> (forall b. Show b => b -> IO ())
         -> Locker

Unfortunately, GHC's support for that is a little shaky, but a solution that always works is to put it in a new data type.

    data Dummy = Dummy { unDummy :: forall b. Show b => b -> IO () }

    lock :: Key Dummy -> Dummy -> Locker

It seems to me that your problem decomposes into two problems:

1. A heterogenous store for values of different types.
2. Values with polymorphic instead of monomorphic types.

Solution for problem 1 are usually restricted to monomorphic types, but you can work around it.

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Heinrich Apfelmus


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