While re-reading Brent Yorgey's Excellent Typeclassopedia I converted it
to Pandoc Markdown in order to be able to create an EPUB version. Having
a “real” e-book meant that I could comfortably read it on my e-book
reader and highlight text and take notes while reading. I also fixed
some minor issues while reading it. (These fixes were of course
backported to the official Typeclassopedia version on the Haskell Wiki.)

The EPUB file can be downloaded from Github:


The Markdown source is also available in that repo and you can of course
use Pandoc to convert the Markdown file to all the other output formats
Pandoc supports.

By using a program like Calibre, the EPUB file can be converted to other
e-book formats such as the Kindle format.

I hope people find this useful. :-)

Erlend Hamberg
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