Hi Yuras,

thanks for the link. That's the sad truth. I don't know the actual reasons, but suspect there are many. Overtime work, fatigue, greed and alienation which are ubiquitous it today's society are among them. I admire people who nevertheless manage to work on open source projects in spare time.

But let's return to topic. I'm not a Minsk citizen but I visit it regularly. I find it to be very interesting to meet like-minded people living in distant (or no so) places. So, in case anybody interested, we could schedule a meeting on this November holidays or so.

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I just read an article (sorry, it is in russian:
http://habrahabr.ru/post/196454/ ). The idea I found interesting: even
in big citied developers complain that nothing happens at their
location, but when you try to make an event -- only few of them want to

I never participate in events. What is wrong with me/us?

So, any haskellers in Minsk, Belarus? What about beer, coffee or
co-hacking? I don't have solid idea how to organize an event, but I'm
sure haskellers are interesting people, both personally and


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