Thanks for your answer, looks like this is my only option to do this.

Can you provide some information about what does parameters of
runCpphsReturningSymTab stands for? I made several attempts but
couldn't get any useful return value.

For example, I have no idea what does third parameter does. Also,
second parameter.


Ömer Sinan Ağacan

2013/10/7 Malcolm Wallace <>:
> If you use cpphs as a library, there is an API called 
> runCpphsReturningSymTab.  Thence you can throw away the actual 
> pre-preprocessed result text, keep only the symbol table, and lookup whatever 
> macros you wish to find their values.  I suggest you make this into a little 
> code-generator, to produce a Haskell module containing the values you need.
> On 5 Oct 2013, at 21:37, Ömer Sinan Ağacan wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Let's say I want to #include a C header file in my Haskell library
>> just to read some macro definitions. The C header file also contains
>> some C code. Is there a way to load only macro definitions and not C
>> code in #include declarations in Haskell?
>> What I'm trying to do is I'm linking my library against this C library
>> but I want to support different versions of this C library, so I want
>> to read it's version from one of it's header files. The problem is the
>> header file contains some C code and makes my Haskell source code
>> mixed with C source before compilation.
>> Any suggestions would be appreciated,
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