Dear All,

I would like to announce version of the HsQML graphics library.

HsQML provides a Haskell binding to the Qt Quick framework. It allows you to write graphical applications where the front-end is written in Qt Quick's QML language (incorporating JavaScript) and the back-end is written in Haskell. The two layers are coupled together via a facility to define custom JavaScript objects through which QML code can call into Haskell and vice versa.

HsQML requires an installation of Qt 4.7 or 4.8 (including QtDeclarative) present on your path.

This release introduces several new features, including support for firing QML signals from Haskell code and MacOS support. A number of bugs have also been resolved. For more information, please see my web site [1] and the Hackage page [2].

The hsqml-morris demo application [3], which implements the game of Nine Men's Morris against an AI opponent, has also been updated to It now uses QML signals to run the game's AI processing outside of the event loop so as to maintain a responsive UI.

My goals for the next release are to work on writing a proper user manual and to migrate the library over to work with Qt 5.x.



Robin KAY
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